April 17th

April 17th

The group decides to rest upon finding the river, which is determined to be about 30 ft in depth. Xonan has pleasant dreams but doesn’t remember anything about his past. Soumgra tests the water and determines there are trace amounts of Canarecite. The river appears to be about 15 ft deep and wide, and is surprisingly smooth. The stream is a little cold and seems to be a steady flow, almost as if it’s engineered to flow at the rate it’s going. There’s a crack of water sprinkling into the stream. Certain decides to swim upstream, which is easier than he would have imagined. He gets to an area that appears to be the source of the stream. He finds a spot of air which he investigates. He starts to hear sounds – a cacophony of maddening sounds; a gibbering, yammering noise. He then hears a distance sound of the same. Certain listens and determines that what he hears isn’t a language he recognizes and he babbles incoherently in Aquan for a moment. After he regains his senses, he returns to the party and reports what he found. Marra says that it sounds like a Gibbering Mouther, which is a mound of flesh, eyes and mouths. An abberation, it breathes, eats and sleeps normally. They are resistent to damage. They appear to be intelligent, but not intelligible. They then begin to go into the river, but the panther and Marra immediately have problems. It takes a moment to straighten out but comes back in. They eventually have the gnome cast Ant Haul on Certain, who leads the group under the water while tied with rope. The group move into the new area which is cold, murky and dark. There is no sound anywhere. It is damp and there’s a metallic smell. The water has an odd metallic taste to it. The air is stagnant. We hear in the distance falling water. Bear informs the group that this is the cave he was talking about, but it had a lot more water to it at that time. He also says there was more light in it. The group decides to map out the cave and attempt to clear any threats. The cave appears to have been finished in most areas, but in the direction the group is headed, the cave is more worn. The cave appears to be ancient. Certain and Marra hear the Gibbering Mouther by the waterfall. It is bashing its head against the wall, which is soft and muddy. The group figures that the erosion they saw is not all from natural wear and tear. The group picks their positions and Soumgra pulls out her light source to lure the creature out. There’s a violent splashing and Marra throws a lit stone into the water. Soon thereafter the group attacks the beast and beat it. (400 xp earned) It appears as though the monster changed the earth and wall rather extensively. It appears as though was one other source of water, but it is not visible now. The water from the waterfall is perfectly clean. On the other side, near where the other waterfall should be, there are some fallen stone, possibly something has collapsed. The wall is clearly the most gnawed upon, which has a large vein of Canarecite. After some further exploration, the party also finds some treasure and some trappings of civilization, but no one can recognize its origins. Small pieces of metal objects, some of which are rusted, others are not. A scroll case is also found, which contains a scroll with a druid spell – “Speak with plants.” Scroll is worth 375 gold. Also some gears. Marra throws a lit stone at the center of the ceiling. The ceiling appears to have a hole that is covered by some type of webbing that does not appear to be manufactured. The group leaves the cave and returns to the cabin, where the horse remains. They rest and dry their clothes, then return to the cave. The group decides to climb the cliff. As the party climbs, they start to hear noises towards the top. It sounds like something reptilian moving around. The group decides to hide in the foliage to wait for the drake to fly off so they can set a trap. It turns out the plateau will allow the Aquans – with spyglasses – to keep an eye on the human settlement. After some consideration, the group decides, instead of attacking it, to negotiate with the drake. Soumgra also notices construction going on in the distance, which is at the fort they were to go to. Ramparts are being built up, apparently forges are being used. Approximate distance is 170 miles, 30 or 40 of which is rough terrain. Soumgra finds a deer to use as the sacrifice. The group surrounds the clearing where the deer is tethered. Diplomacy does not work and the group decides to try again tomorrow. They find two deer and tether them to the same place as before. The drake crushes one and the other breaks free from its tether, but the drake kills the other one as well. The drake makes an offer – if the party kills a frost drake, the first one’s rival, he will take the caverns and acquiesce to let the Aquans live there as well. (250 xp earned) This ends the session.



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