April 3rd

April 3rd

The group is heading towards the eastern slope of Borsen’s Peak. The peak is lower than what most consider a standard mountain but the peak is high enough that it is always covered with snow. It is believed that the melting snow helps feed the rivers, including the one the Aquans use. It is still raining when the group begins to venture out in the morning. Something flies overhead, which is probably a forest drake. It is circling around where the party is headed, then heads towards the ground. It seems to spit something as it descends. The group decides to stop and not confront the drake. Bear mentions there were some settlers that came to the mountain a few decades ago, so he suggests looking for the river, which they find and start following. They eventually notice a square object ahead, about 25×25 ft. The group decides to bathe, and notices the tattoos on the gnome, as well as the soul gem, both of which seem unusual. The group then dries and goes into the small structure. Certain surveys the river and the newcomers attempt to converse with the gnome, but they soon decide to have a drinking game instead. Bear, while drinking reveals the goal of finding a new place to move the Aquan village. Certain later returns and also drinks. The gnome dreams of a party with alcohol that tastes beautifully. The next morning it is raining. They approach a waterfall about an hour later. Marra notices something glinting behind the waterfall. Certain volunteers to find out what it is. The glinting is a set of minerals, Canarecite, that, if mined, would release toxins into the water. He asks that everyone keeps this to themselves. They decide to cover it up by building a wooden structure. Bear suggests having some Aquan shamans build it with magic. With that sorted, they climb up the waterfall and the drake returns. It appears to be landing but is about 700 ft away. The halfling climbs a nearby tree and determines the drake has landed near a body of water or clearing. She also hears splashing. The group believes that this means there are a family of drakes there. They decide to bypass them. They eventually reach the cave they were looking for. Light is cast. Xonan casts message. Soumgra scouts ahead and sees a dead deer. It is bloated and difficult to determine how it died. She moves on and sees two more dead bodies which appear to be goblins and have decomposed to a greater degree. Fungi also appears to be growing on both corpses. The fungi turn out to be hostile and attack but are easily defeated. (900 xp earned) 22GP of various coins were found along the floor of the cave, likely owned previously by goblins, and a scroll containing a spell – a Paladin scroll “Bowstaff.” They find the river that goes through the cave. (This ends the session.)



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