July 24th - Ashabrak is bound to attack!

A human comes across the party. The party goes into threat assessment mode but soon meet and determine her intentions are not hostile. Her name is Ella. The party fills her in on some things including the loud sound she heard (the cave in.)

Ashabrak is taken to the group and the charm is suppressed. He states the humans are going to attack the elves for their resources, in particular the veins of Magicite. Ashabrak meets the Lady once a week. He knows nothing about any plans against the Aquans. The humans are working with the clerics in town. The engine that was previously recovered is being broken down to help power guns. He gives Certain a recipe that will “slow them down.” He also says the Lord Marshall is a lot stronger than he looks – that he’s crushed rocks with his own hands. There are other people who see the Lady once/week but he doesn’t know their names. There is a full-blooded orc who sees her. The mercs are training the regular troops and doing special ops but doesn’t know the details. He also gives the camp passwords and says they’re changed every two days. The person in charge of the camp, a soldier, named Brellyn, a highly skilled human rogue. Soumgra sends off another scroll of Sending to warn the dwarfs of the truth of the human’s invasion. The orc is often kept in chains. Ashabrak attacks the party but they are able to knock him out. Two guards show up but do not find Ashabrak. Certain has a charge of the Disguise Self wand cast on him and puts on Ashabrak’s likeness. He runs towards the base yelling “Mountain lion!” He then goes in and sabotages the Magicite and grabs Ashabrak’s things. The group meets back in the mines and Soumgra breaks Ashabrak’s legs and fingers. The dwarven council responds to Soumgra’s latest message:

“Do you have humint?”

She responds, “Yes.”

“Escort humint north to (elven city.) Look for <placeholder>”

“Understood. City one week away.”

“Prepare full report.”

(1200 xp given. The session ends here.)



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