June 12th

June 12th

The group goes to where they believe the old mine is located, coming across an elven caravan. Marra sells the stolen gems for elven silk. There is a rugged path mentioned that would save time but involves fording the river. The longer, safer route involves a bridge and will add one day to the travel. They choose the latter. When they get to the bridge, they make camp. Xonan has a dream – remembers having sex. (Will get some more information later.) The next morning they go to the bridge. The bridge appears to be unguarded both above and below. They cross and Soumgra sees a stone with a symbol on it. She believes she may have seen this symbol at the fort while visiting the tower. The day is uneventful but begins to storm that night. Xonan remembers a female name during his night’s sleep. As they get closer to the mine, it is clear the soldier caravan did not switch to the smaller road the party is going to. The road doesn’t appear to be an issue for horses, although it would be for wagons. The mine is in a part of the forest that is less dry. Three hours later, the group gets to the mine. The mine does not appear to be occupied. A sign saying “Keep Out!” is on the outside. Certain had been to the mines about 10 years ago when they were shut down. Three entrances are found, one of which is far from the road and difficult to find. The roots help keep it stable. It is determined that this is the best entrance to take. The party cuts a few trees to make supports to further reinforce the entrance. They then go into the mine the next day. Certain scouts ahead in a river and comes across a hostile creature called a Grey Ooze. He gets injured but returns to the group and they decide to move on. A Periapt of Health – the wearer is immune to disease, including supernatural ones. Xonan takes this. Any existing diseases are not cured but the symptoms are suppressed. Worth 7500GP. There are three skeletons – 2 goblin and one kobold. The group decides to move on. The new area appears to have been previously caved in, but has been reopened due to shifts. The next area appears to be an old mining zone with a cart and 2 dozen corpses that are likely dead for 10+ years. 56GP found in coins and small valuables. There is also a scroll. It is a scroll of shrink item (unidentified.) They move on and toss Marra to the next area. She notices a door that’s smaller than a normal-sized one and metal slats hammered in. She returns and Certain goes ahead to see what he can. He notices some light coming through. He looks through and also sees what appears to be a wooden structure and rug. He hears someone speaking in Draconic asking “Who is casting spells at my door?” Unable to think of anything else, he responds with “It is Certain.” It invites Certain in. There is an elderly kobold sitting crossed-legged in front of the fire. The two exchange dialogue. Marra attempts to sneak in, but the kobold smells her straight away. A few minutes later the rest of the party joins them. The kobold reveals that he’s been in the cave far too long for him to remember. His tribe, the last after the great wars, was in the marsh before being destroyed by humans. The kobold begins cooking some vegetables. The kobold says Xonan is not a gnome, as he doesn’t smell like one. When Certain asks what he does smell like. He takes a very long sniff, then says “He smells like everything – human, elf, dwarf….smells like everything. Perhaps his parents were of mixed origin.” He says he lives alone, waiting to die. His name is Okitar. Certain offers to bring him into his village. He then adds that he heard some activity above ground the last time he went out a few days ago and offers to take the party to where he heard this. The party eats. Okitar grabs a bag and beckons the group to follow. (The session ends here.)



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