May 15th

(May 15th)

Fort Kent is a small city with a population of about 10,000, most of which are humans. The watch is known for its cruelty. The citizens are extremely distrustful of magic and the unknown. The gnome is given a cloak to cover his tattoos. The group goes to a village along the way to the fort and there’s a holiday going on. Certain notices a river Aquan in town. The other Aquan appears older and is likely not affiliated with any tribe. Certain decides to get the same drink and strike up a conversation. The other confirms that he is independent of the other tribes and has been for 15 years. He says he is from a village about 300 miles south named Arreshalah. The other’s name is Blade. Certain asks what Blade does, to which he replies that he “solves problems.” Soumgra decides to speak with the locals. The locals are a bit surprised to see a dwarf in their village. Taxes have been increased and winter is coming, which makes it harder for the halflings to adequately stock supplies for the coming winter. There are also a lot more soldiers than there were. They also mention the cruelty of the guards in the fort and peacebonding, which forced smiths to go outside the village or work directly for the lord. Most have done the latter. Xonan decides to eavesdrop on the locals. He spots a couple of guards from the fort and listens in on them. He also overhears troop movement and rumors about a new operation to the south. There is also a new captain of the guard but they do not mention what happened to the old captain. The new captain is named Ardden. The group meets back up and share their information. (1GP spent from the party funds.) Marra talks to the halflings but does not return later. Certain mentions to the southeast is the old mine but doesn’t know why soldiers would be headed that way. He conjectures that they are likely forcing slaves to work the mines. Marra returns in the morning. There is an orcling mercenary in town. They buy some supplies including a warhorse and wines. The group ventures forth and finds Blade, who is with the orcling, named Rogor. Both groups indicate they are waiting on one last person. The newcomers are armed and armored, with 3 horses. The orcling seems interested in Soumgra and introduces himself. They talk for a bit before a human appears named Tumar Blackroot. The group mounts up and heads to the fort. Blackroot begins singing. Transmutation enhancement from the song allows the mounts to speed up slightly. The group sits and has lunch. Blade and Certain talk a bit more. Xonan feeds and pets the horses. Tumar stops singing as the village approaches. Blade advises they’re going directly into the fort. The village doesn’t appear to care about the group. Blade palms the guard some gold and the peacebond appears to be not very secure. The newcomers split off from the party and the party themselves decides to shop some more. Marra comes back and says he ran into Ashabrak’s cousin (and hireling) Kaelbrak. Ashabrak is working for the lord who is doing minor jobs for him but doesn’t appear to be in the fort right now. Bear has not been seen. Certain says they’d like to have supper with Ashabrak. Xonan opts to enchant his soul gem. Soumgra hears rumors around town. The old captain of the guard is retired and returns to the capital. Lady Lyrinn Grey, the lord marshall’s wife has come. The rumor is that she is extremely beautiful despite being the same age as the marshall. Lieutenant Arrden is a stern warrior, risen in the ranks, a man of honor. He is well liked by the soldiers and not hated by the people. It’s been about a week since mercenaries show up. Some stay, some go. Their purpose is still unknown. On the first day, the group finds Bear. He decides to wait with the group, but has some business to tend to. He stays outside the fort. Soumgra sends one of her scrolls of sending to advise her dwarven leadership of the situation with the Aquans and humans. She also mentions the mercenaries and that the treaty has been manipulated by the humans. The dwarves instruct her to gather information (and not interfere) within lunar phase, then move to next town. Soumgra decides to go to the fort proper to determine the reason behind the mercs arriving. An ambassador meets her. He introduces himself as Bullen. He advises the marshall will return in a few days. He does however, give the dwarf a tour of the fort, which is very well built. (For humans.) He also mentions a dinner that’ll happen tomorrow night. She says she’d love to attend, but needs a dress. He agrees to have them sent to the tailor. When she asks about the comings and goings of the mercs, he says there are many things going on, including orcs possibly getting ready to attack. He also mentions the Lady needs protection, thus the increase in guards and they plan to reopen mines. He also mentions there is likely an upcoming tournament which will include jousting. The tailor crafts a beautiful dress. The ambassador also shows the barracks and training grounds. He does not show her the dungeon. Certain goes through the markets in an attempt to learn more about the humans and their culture. He gives a bottle of wine to a very old elf who loves the humans, although has less love for its government. He mentions the engineer society in the humans’ capital city has created machines that move and respond and could eventually travel the skies. He also mentions a strange looking tattooed mage that was casting spells before disappearing into the night. He also says the previous marshall was “content”, whereas the current one is ambitious and wants more. Soumgra, on the 4th day goes to the beautician, a half elf. She tries to get information about Lady Grey. The half elf only says good things about her – likely has some negative thoughts about the Lady, but refuses to say as such, as if she’s afraid of her. Fashion and jewelry apparently are two of the Lady’s interests. She also asks about the mercenaries. The beautician does an astounding job on making Soumgra look extremely good. She also mentions having a dalliance with the lieutenant. Bullen clearly likes her new look. He escorts her to the dinner. She looks at Arrden who seems dedicated to the job and refuses to drink. The Lady seems otherworldly. Her beauty is beyond description, and likely enhanced by magic. There are some others who are not nobility but appear to be important. One is an alchemist, one is an architect, and the third is a human high priest of The Church of The Brother Grim. The priest’s name is Raul Cazan. The alchemist is a half elf named Jorell Dym and the architect is a human named Thomas Kenser. Both Bullen and a fool attempt to entertain the party but fail, for which the Lady apologizes. She introduces Soumgra as well. Lieutenant Arrden introduces himself to the dwarf. He says he’ll try to get a meeting with the Lord Marshall. Xonan on the night between 3rd and 4th nights dreams well. Upon awakening he realizes he can speak Common fluently, and has in fact regained all of the languages he previously knew. He also realizes crafting magic items fills him with a sense of comfort. Soumgra determines that someone may be following her and tries to lose the tail in the crowd. Certain continues to explore and gain information about the outer city. Soumgra lets Certain know what she’s found and vice versa. Certain speculates that the Lady may be responsible for everything that has happened with the Lord Marshall. Soumgra then decides to look for the servants to pump them for information. They realize that they’re the only two who speak Elvin. The cook says he has been ordered to make lots of waybread but provides no useful information at first. He then says that two days ago, he was ordered to make Trinakta, a special spiced cake that’s normally reserved for special occasions. The elf asks if Soumgra can find some strawberries. Certain sees Blade going into a closed store that was formerly a blacksmith. He decides to follow. Many guards are around the area. Blade is surprised to see Certain but admires his bravery. Certain says he’s looking to get a new sword. Blade says he’s there for some “problem solving.” He is not going to divulge specifics of his tasks, saying they’re “state secrets.” The blacksmith is unable to do anything to improve Certain’s weapon but sharpens Blade’s. Certain decides to have Coldiron inlayed into his blade. (535 xp gained. This ends the session.)



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