May 1st

(May 1st)

That night, the gnome has some weird dreams. The sensation of being under the earth, but light above. Then darkness. A mechanical sound the gnome doesn’t immediately recognize. A clicking sound, echoing. Seems loud and disorienting, but not frightening. The mountain peak’s frostline is lower than one would normally expect. Ice is expected to be about 20 ft. thick. The ice is slippery and the snow cover over it isn’t thick. Marra makes frostward gel (cold resistance +5) to combat the cold. The gnome casts a spell to speak to the birds who indicate the drake is out. Certain states the party can set a trap. They climb to the top of the cave and begin walk through, with Bear trying to cover their tracks as best he can. Marra disappears for a moment, then appears and climbs up a tree. She then sees a bird but believes it’s the drake and falls out of the tree and plops under the snow. Xonan casts Message and communicates to Marra that she saw a bird. Soumgra decides to go into the cave to scout out the area. She finds 3 baby drakes and returns. The group goes into the cave and discusses their plan of attack. Drake’s treasure stock consists of 3 potions and 300 GP of assorted coins (2 1st level – a potion of disguise weapon and a potion of comprehend languages – and one 0th level potion of resistance. The comprehend language potion is given to Soumgra, the other two in the loot pile) The drake soon returns and the group gathers at the cavern to face it, and are successful in killing it. The frost drake appears to be male. They decide to feed the drakes, return to the cabin and rest. The gnome has a feeling that the cave seems familiar. They return to the clearing to report to the forest drake, who agrees to uphold his end of the bargain but the party neglects to mention the baby drakes. They move the drakes to the lower levels. As they move down, it gets less cold and some water trickles down, with the ice slowly melting. The group returns to the Aquan village, and the Aquans receive the news well. While gone, however, the humans have begun building a dam downriver. Pucca announces the village will take over the remainder of the relocation project and asks the party to investigate the dam. Soumgra pays the Aquans 200 GP to have them make her a mighty composite bow and 10GP is spent to get a new mule for the dwarves. Bear takes his leave. The party buys supplies then heads to the dam. There are 16 humans at the site, 6 of whom are armed guards. There is a platform on both sides of the river. It appears to the gnome to be a bridge, possibly tollway. Soumgra approaches the guards who say they’re building an “inspection point” to “appraise” goods that are being shipped along the river. The group returns and tells the Aquans of the humans’ intentions. (Xonan levels up to level 5. This ends the session)



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