May 29th

(May 29th)

The group stays at a room in the workshop called Bremond‘s Blades. The group brings in some leftover drake scales. Xonan wakes up that morning remembering his father’s name, which is Kell. He also remembers how his gnomish tribe names their families, and as such his surname, which is Kellson. Xonan and Certain have breakfast with the smith. The halfling festival parade will begin in a few hours. There will also be a jousting tournament, as well as an archery tournament. The Church of the Three Brothers is the main human religion. The three brothers are Grim, Genus, and Gaius. Soumgra goes to the beautician for more information. The lieutenant is upset that he’s going to be working and cannot compete. Garmund and Torn are the knights the lieutanent favors to win. She also mentions gambling on the tourney. When the dwarf asks what the Lady thinks of the tournament, she says she enjoys seeing her old friends, she likes big, ostentious things that spoil her. She apparently never takes off her necklace, regardless of what the beautician is measuring her for and all garments made for the Lady must be tailored to show off the necklace. Xonan and Certain decide to help the smithy, who does a decent job explaining the basics of smithing. Certain’s skin gets hot and dry from being around the extreme heat of the furnace. He mentions that he could be making plenty of money smithing for the lord, but feels that quality beats quantity. He does admit that not many can afford quality. Marra looks for strawberries but is unsuccessful. She later hears a trumpet blast, the type of which announces the arrival of nobility. About a dozen nobles and their entourages arrive. Most are human, a few are elven. An elf trader comes by. When Marra asks, he indicates he has some strawberries but they’re for “special clients.” Marra convinces the trader to sell to her, however. She returns to deliver the strawberries and see the parade. The two at the smithy also hear the trumpets. The smith imagines they signify someone important coming but isn’t overly concerned as he has no love for the upper class, or the jousting tournament. He doesn’t like any form of combat, being a war veteran, but believes in having quality steel. Xonan shows the smith a gear from the crashed ship asking if he knows anything about it. The smith replies that he has never seen markmanship, although he has seen gears with lesser detail in the capital and some major cities and other areas where religion has started to fall away. He says he imagines a single gear would’ve taken days to build, given the high level of detail. He recommends going to a major city to show it to a smithy there. He offers to buy the gear for a gold piece but Xonan declines. (Will get the name of a smith in the capital should the party actually go there.) Soumgra goes to the parade which comes and goes without any major incident. The archery tournament is next, and both Xonan and Certain go to watch it. Certain reminds everyone that Bear warned to watch for pickpockets. Bear is also at the tournament. They mention the other Aquan, which Bear says it’s rare to see a travelling Aquan. He says he’s putting some gold down on Baelfire. The tourney is in two stages, the first is in groups. Soumgra passes the first round but fails the second. She and Marra go into the tower, escorted by Bullen to change. Lady Grey’s room is on the 7th floor. Marra decides to sneak off to find information on the nobles by sneaking in their rooms. There is a signed document mentioning 250 humans, 50 of which are cavalry dedicated to Lord Grey. The lord comes out and gives a prize to the winner of the archery tournament. Bear offers some drinks to the other two. The next event is a sermon by Elder Cazan. The sermon is about death. Nobody really pays much attention to it, however it is rather boring. Bullen treats the ladies to some ice cream. The jousting tournament is next. The entire party goes to see it. Certain has, up to this point never seen a horse in full armor. The nobles and noble ladies are talking. The lieutenant is saying he’s tired from shuffling troops to “the site.” The lord also mentions “the site” a few times, including prepping the site. “Ashabrak” is also mentioned a few times. Lady Grey says that Ashabrak was being “put to the task.” The lord appreciates that and says he will be heading out tomorrow. The village is having a festival after the joust. There was a new tax given and more food given to the marshall. The people are mostly enjoying the joust. Winter is on the horizon. There are rumors that the Lady is a sorceress. Most people who entertain such rumors typically go missing not long after. Marra decides to go back to the tower but is stopped by the guards. She feigns fainting and a servant takes her to the stables. Blackroot sees her there, and it turns out he also wants to sneak into the tower. He formulates a plan to bypass the guards. He casts a spell that makes it appear as though Marra is on fire but it fails. Bear, Xonan and Certain are invited to join in the village festival. Certain asks Bear how one would stop a cavalry charged. Bear says the most common methods would be disguised pits, divination magic, making themselves larger and turning solid ground into mud. Soumgra goes to the noble feast. The elves seem more grateful for the feast than the humans, who seem more uppity and less appreciative. Xonan and Certain are welcomed into the home of one of the villagers, who is a friend of Bear. They feel welcomed and the conversation is much more down to earth and friendly. The adults mention the crops might not have a good harvest. No one seems to like the new Lord Marshall, given the new taxes and increased soldier presence. They did love the last LM. There are other changes like laws and regulations. The watch used to help civilians in need, but now will fine them. There are only three blacksmiths available to the public, as the rest work for the lord or left. This is the 4th Lord Marshall in the last 50 years, while many other places will have one LM that entire period. The current lord has replaced most everyone with influence and power. Marra decides she will try again to search Lord and Lady Grey’s room. She is successful in reaching the 7th floor, but there is a guard outside their door. She picks a lock on one of the doors. The room appears to be the lieutenant’s room. There’s a safe in the room as well as a desk. On the desk are many forms for troop movements and the like. Marra takes some of the blank forms off the desk and 6 valuable looking books. The next door is not locked. It turns out to be a privy. The next door is also unlocked. It leads to a bedroom but nothing of import. The fourth door is locked and proves considerably tougher to open. After opening it she hears sounds like feet on stairs. She moves to hide as the lieutenant walks in. She tries and fails to create a distraction and the guard confronts her. She jumps out the window and gets injured. A guard is right where she landed and attempts to help her but she knocks him out and escapes. She goes to her room and the dwarves look through the books Marra stole. One, “On War”, is autographed by its author. Three others are on tactics, another on training soldiers, another on horses and the last about oragami. There is a knocking at the door, but Marra is able to escape their notice. Security is now heightened while they search for the halfling responsible for the incident. The next day, the dwarves meet Bullen and say they will be leaving. They’re being followed by a tail. They agree to split up and meet again at a tavern in Kent. The tail follows Soumgra. She fails to lose the tail, who walks up and introduces himself as an associate of Bullen. The two go to the tavern. There will be a large gathering this afternoon, the only information is that it will be “an important meeting.” Xonan and Certain overhear that Ashabrak was seen leaving town, headed southeast. Marra sees the three and indicates the bar where she and Soumgra are going. The others sit at a different table than Soumgra. Bear indicates that he thinks the person with Soumgra is a member of the secret police. Marra is seen by the party. Bear distracts the soldier by starting a bar fight. Xonan and Soumgra go to the meeting. The other two stay in the village. The Lord Marshall appears, but it is a small gathering. Many guards are around. The Lord goes on about security and will punish the guards by stripping them of their armor and get 20 lashings each. Warns that thieves or sabateurs will be executed. The group rejoins and decides to go to the mines to find Ashabrak. (450 XP given. The session ends here.)



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