Questions answered, one mission complete, another begins

October 2nd

Soumgra begins searching for and finds a panther to replace Kotral, naming it Jathal, and a memorial service for Ashabrak is performed, led by Xonan, when the group gets to the elven territory Arturio, north of the human territory. The group is in a hamlet named Humbrell. The group moves on to Tordun, which turns out to be a tree city. The tree city practices peace bonding. Ogre’s Tusk Tavern is where the group is to meet Bannit. Xonan writes a letter to Bear, explaining Ashabrak is dead. He mentions that Lady Grey had charmed him, and as a safety precaution was shackled when the group took him towards the elven territory. He does not mention that Ashabrak was hobbled. In a separate letter, he asks Bear to check on the Aquans, as they received word that Certain’s sister may be in danger. The postmaster advises it’ll take some time for the mail to arrive. Xonan and Soumgra go to the cleric and are healed of their aging curse. An Aquan appears in the city with a pair of dwarves, with a different color scheme, female. After some time Bannit, a bald dwarf with a long white beard, appears in the inn, along with a grand meal and some fine ale at the back table. Marra sits down and starts talking with Bannit. He is clearly disappointed with the fact that Ashabrak is dead. He asks to speak to Certain. Certain sits down with Bannit. The latter asks about the invasion. Certain replies that the humans are planning to attack the elves but he doesn’t know why. He goes on to explain how Ashabrak was charmed by Lady Grey and Bannit indicates that he has some basic knowledge of Magicite. Certain then reveals his information to Bannit, who responds by saying that as there is only one source of information, it is difficult to act on or verify it. There is also a half-elf in the bar who seems interested in the back table. Soumgra and Xonan walk into the bar. Soumgra decides to go over to the half-elf with a drink. The half-elf introduces himself as Padou Thalou of the Red Ranger’s Society. He says that he’s looking for adventurers, and mentions that he would be particularly interested in Certain, given that some of the ruins is underwater. Soumgra starts to walk over to the other Aquan, and Bannit yells for her to join him. She refuses at first. The two begin conversing but it is a very heated exchange. Marra decides to pick Padou’s pockets and grabs several hundred business cards. She attempts to steal again in the hopes of finding more valuable loot but gets caught and runs away. Padou introduces himself to Certain and the latter mentions the artifact and how it poisons the water in the surrounding area. Padou states he was not aware of any poisoning but mentions a “vermin problem.” Bannit sternly tells Soumgra to be on time for the meeting tomorrow. He then speaks with Xonan and makes it clear that head coverings are prohibited by the elves, which Xonan relays to the party. Certain and Soumgra then approach the Aquan. Jothal and Certain stay near Ashabrak’s body. During the night Certain hears some voices and smells flammable oil. Soon flames start to spread. Certain grabs Ashabrak’s body and leaves the caravan. Two stalls down, there is a steady fire going. He goes to the guards and advises of the fire. They run off except for one, and later return, thanking Certain for advising of the fire. They take him into an office, with the body. Certain mentions the human conspiracy to attack the elves. The guard, whose name is Tim, sends the information up the line as it’s way above his paygrade. The lieutenant then comes down to confirm Certain’s story. The rest of the party rejoins Certain in the guard headquarters. They offer to give some cots for the night and protect the group. The night passes uneventfully. The group gets to the meeting on time, escorted by the city guard. They are led into the city hall through a side entrance. Bannit is there waiting. He seems momentarily perturbed. He dismisses the guards, including Tim. He mentions the elven representative, named Terian Kataris, is not a good natured fellow. Bannit investigates the corpse and infers that a small blade was the murder weapon. Certain shows Bannit the documents regarding Magicite. Bannit then leads the group into the inner chambers, which has a lot of ostentatious decoration as well as natural elements. Terian Kataris is a very elderly elf; slim, slender with short hair and goatee. The meeting at first starts to go well as the party explains what has happened so far. Terian then takes the floor. He at first seems hesitant and Certain uses somewhat harsh language to warn the elves of what is coming. The elf responds by saying they want to get all sides of the story and a female human ambassador appears. This is not someone who any of the party has met in the past. She refers to herself as “Miss Halloway.” She wears jewelry on and about her person, including a blue sapphire emblem which appears to be important. The group reiterates the story again. She seems accepting of the story and says the people performing the necromantic ritual to speak with Ashabrak’s ghost. Terian is unliked by Bannit and Miss Halloway. There was a recent trade agreement between Terian and the humans where the elves are buying metal and ore from the dwarves and selling it at a profit to the humans. And this deal was made with the Lord Marshall, while at Fort Kent and has met both him and Lady Grey. An hour later two clerics arrive with Terian, both elves. One asks if Ashabrak was evil and Certain responds no, and one goes to the back of the room. The other’s name is Cerias. Bannit asks the first question – if the humans are planning to invade the elvish nation. Ashabrak says yes. Miss Halloway will ask if anyone outside Direshire was involved in the conspiracy to the best of his knowledge. Ashabrak says no. Terian will state he believes the corpse says some truths, but some of the people in the party may say some lies, and asks if Xonan is a jungle gnome, to which Ashabrak says no. Bannit responds that they have enough information to open an investigation and Miss Halloway agrees, although she gives concern about Xonan not telling the truth about his past. She mentions to Certain that the Lord Marshall was a war veteran in his past, but known for being rather harsh. The ambassadors advise for the party to stay in the city while the investigation is underway. They mention an appropriate place to bury Ashabrak. Certain asks if the cleric dislikes the magic to speak to the dead. The cleric responds that he doesn’t necessarily like the magic but that it is useful. Bannit replenishes the party coffers by giving 1000 gold. Cerias offers any of the temple’s services for free in exchange for the party’s information. Three days pass. During this downtime, Xonan goes to the library and meets an elf named Ailluin Ilijor who is an older, quirky type, member of the church. He says there is a tribe of “star elves” as the two discuss the celestial bodies; uncivilized he says – he adds the elves believe Saros is the moon and Ataxia is the gas giant planet it revolves around. This triggers something in Xonan’s head – Xonan feels foolish as suddenly a flood of math and science comes into his head stating that the star elves are right. The reason the seasons last so long is because of this rotation between Saros and Ataxia. Xonan also gets the feeling that the Perigeans are somehow partly responsible for Saros and Ataxia being the way they are. He decides, however, to not impart this information to the elf, instead thanking him for his time and insight. A joint group of humans and elves from their respective capitals are sent to investigate the party’s claims. Marra is reassigned to another diplomatic mission, and the party is offered 500 gold and 1500 to escort some representatives to the camp with the war machines (2100 xp given. The session ends here.)



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