March 6th

March 6th

Bear recommends trying to hide the village. He mentions an underwater cave he remembered seeing many years ago. He says the humans would not be able to find or attack this cave easily. Certain decides to go along with this plan. Soumgra and Marra, meanwhile are deep into human territory. They’ve been through a few cities but are deep into the wilderness and have become lost. They have been travelling for about 20 days. They sleep at Bear’s cabin. The gnome has horrible nightmares which leaves him shaking in the morning. Bear tries to comfort the gnome and mentions that the dwarves were responsible for the necromancer. There is a storm going on. Bear notices something, which turns out to be Kotral. When Bear sees the dwarf, he grips his weapon but does not unshealth it. Marra steps in to mediate. Bear brusquely points them to the town, making it clear he doesn’t like them. Marra and Soumgra are headed towards Fort Kent. Soumgra mentions Kotral noticed something besides Bear and the party. Bear looks around and sees what it is – the nest of a Bear Owl. He gives a description of being a dangerous and intimidating beast. The creature wakes up and kills one of the ponies the diplomats were using but is killed. In its lair is 175 gold pieces, magical chain shirt, longsword and an arrow. The gnome settles down after the fight. (400 xp earned) The gnome casts “Detect Magic” and learns it has faint illusion magic. Bear and Xonan share a drink by the fire further into the cave, while the rest of the party sits by a fire near the entrance. The next day, the gnome identifies the shirt as a medium shirt, which has shadow (+1 Chainshirt, +5 to Stealth checks. Resizes to fit the wearer.) The diplomats then offer their help in exchange for being allowed to use the shirt, which is agreed upon by the whole party, albeit somewhat reluctantly by Bear. Bear convinces Xonan and Certain to not reveal the specifics of their mission. They break camp and start heading out. The terrain they are about to approach is mountainous. (50 xp earned) This ends the session.

January 24th

January 24th

Day 3. Ashabrak’s hirelings arrive with a wagon and a pair of mules. Bullen has left to return with the marshall and could arrive anytime. Next day, a herald arrives announcing the coming that the marshall will arrive within the next 6 hours. 36 people arrive on the ferry, including 16 soldiers, 7 mounted knights, several heralds lieutenant, cleric from the Church of Book of Three Brothers. This church is very much against arcane magic. Most of the knights will stay outside the city. 15 come on the ferry itself. No mounts go in. The herald announces the marshall, Lord Alar Grey, Lieutenant Bray Elson and Priest Tumar Blackroot. All 4 Aquan elders show up for the negotiations. Eventually negotiations go through. In return for 2500 gold/year and the right to conscript during the term of 10 years, with the right to renegotiate after that time. The gnome looks over the contract; in the contract any items that are not gold will be appraised by a royal appraiser. A single missionary cleric is to be stationed in the city. All other terms are normal. Later, the marshall meets Ashabrak in private to discuss future negotiations regarding the mine and also mentions the gnome. Ashabrak uses half truths to answer the marshall’s questions, like where he met the gnome. The marshall shows interest in the gnome, possibly to have him serve the interests of the king. The next day, the lieutenant is seen talking to Ashabrak’s hirelings, but he pays the soldier a gold to go away. He then goes to his uncle’s with the 3 workers and the engine. The gnome and Certain are on the ferry. Ashabrak explains the engine to his uncle. The uncle is not pleased, but agrees to let Ashabrak store the engine in the barn. He also advises caution regarding the gnome, as the ship engine could be used for war. The nephew decides to build a shed to house the engine. The uncle gives him a list of things to get on the way to the fort and tells him to send a message to be sent via carrier pigeon. Finally, the uncle says he wants to meet the gnome. Ashabrak and his men go to the fort while the uncle goes to the village. Meanwhile, Certain wants to scout for a new place to relocate the village and the gnome continues to study the information on the ship. Certain’s sister leaves some gnomish spices and fish, which the gnome tries and gets his mouth burned from them in the process. The uncle arrives late afternoon. Certain explains the recent events to Bear, who says he knows of a suitable location for the village to relocate. (750 xp earned) This ends the session.

December 27th

December 27th

Gnome dreams of being on fire, memories, not nightmares. More clearly remember Nadir – name of the ship and gnome was on board before and slightly during fire. The others sleep normally. Normal weather. Wreckage is about half of a ship; the bow (front.) It looks like it was blown in half. Ship has intricate carvings. The carvings appear to tie into each other and that were powered – the center of the ship appears to have been the source of power. The party takes a trace of the runes. The party determines the direction, and believes the other part of the ship is at least 1 or 2 miles away. Party sees evidence of shrapnel as they travel. Ash and Certain notice a bipedal figure lodged in a tree. As the party gets closer, it is very evident that he is already dead, as a large piece of his face is missing. Certain climbs up and determines the figure is a gnome lodged really hard in the tree. Tattoos are similar to the gnome’s. Most of the clothing burned off. Figure has a belt with pouches. 1 potion vial, 6 small pieces of parchment and 3 pouches of spell components. Gnome falls and party’s gnome remembers the face and watching it get blown off Nimm, was a friend of the party gnome. The gnome is visibly upset at seeing his friend like this. Another superior dagger is found. Gnome inspects the other’s tattoos. Tattoos are a physical representation of magic and essence in tradition of people. His people believe the tattoos help channel the magical energy. Also where name comes from. Also remembers 2 unique tattoos, as there were 2 others on the ship. The soul gem is missing, appears to have exploded off and is likely completely destroyed. Ash goes to bury the body. Certain takes a tracing of the tattoos on the dead gnome. Ash takes the belt from the body and Certain gives the spell components. The gnome mentions the other two gnomes from the ship and the party decides to search for them. Ash has heard of a cult that seeks knowledge and believes in a secret world where magic is far more powerful and advanced than here. Another corpse is found at lower elevation but is also trapped in a tree. Something appears off about the corpse as they approach. The body starts to move a little but at present appears stuck in the tree. Ash strongly advises we leave the corpse alone and get away. Certain pulls his sword with the intent to stab it in the head. The gnome recognizes the new corpse – his name was Azar. Is a crystal in its chest but no longer glowing and is damaged, torn belt pouch, has tattoos. Dagger hanging from pouch. During the fight, the gem shines brightly for a moment. After dying, it deteriorates into dust but soul gem, pouches and dagger survive. The gnome picks up the soul gem but feels fear upon doing so and runs away. The soul gem is dropped, breaks upon, flashes again for a moment, then dies entirely. The essence of the gem attempted to cast fear upon the gnome. When the gem got damaged, something went wrong. It is a two-way conduit. Part of the user’s essence directly affects the soul gem and vice versa. The damaged gem had a focus on necromancy magic. The gnome determines that the gem saved his life and the damaged gem turned the other user into a zombie. Neither human nor Aquan have been able to perfect necromantic magic. When Ashabrak was on the front lines of the necromancer war, many magic users showed an interest in using the necromancy magic against the necromancer and he doubted some of them had the best of intentions, but he has not heard of anyone successfully replicating the magic. Head necromancer’s body was consumed. The party continues on and Ash sees something shining in the water. Flashback to explosion and the piece in the river is that which exploded, the propulsion system, which again makes the gnome shaken. Piece is seriously damaged, has runes and tattoos seen previously. Much more powerful version of orbs. Gnome states it’s probably not good for the river, likely a fault in the magic or gem, so likely traces of raw and chaotic magic lingering. The propulsion system is far too heavy for the three to lift out of the river. It has traces of transmutation and chaotic magic, is made out of a metal called alchemical silver. At least half of the fish are bigger than they should be. At least one has instantly grown in size. The bear catches a very large fish. Traditionally, the growth is only for a few minutes. The fourth gnome is crushed under the propulsion system, but is definitely dead (not undead.) Runes deformed by decay. Gem is intact. Certain dives in and retrieves the gem. He hands it to the gnome. The fourth gnome is named Brek. Neither the party gnome nor Brek got along. Can clearly hear Brek saying something from the gem. “I may owe your brother my life, but that doesn’t mean I like him or you.” They move on and find the the other part of the ship which is smashed against a rock outcropping. A couple of mountain lions are nearby, but they do not appear to be active and are 2-300 ft away from the wreckage. Only the main beam of the ship remains intact. The mast was past along the way, destroyed and the sails are mostly gone. Appears to have also been a cabin but is too damaged. Has a strongbox. It is magically locked but not trapped. There is a key for the box but is likely the gnome that is trapped under the propulsion system. Ship is 20-30 ft from the river and on rough terrain. Certain is able to pick the lock. Opening the box reveals some broken vials and 3 objects of note – one is a thin stick approximately 10 inches long – is a wand with 47 charges of “Disguise Self.” The charges each last 10 minutes. Also small bag containing some dust of disappearance. And a robe covered in various patches – a Robe of Useful Items. And a pouch containing 50 gold. 7 bags, different currency in each bags. Few different outfits – one is military. Some are standard sized, at least one is dwarf sized. Another is leather armor, jungle armor. Another tome is found with several pages with information on humans and dwarves, such as people of power, troop locations, technology advancement, etc. Ash speculates that the gnomes may have desired to rekindle the wars between the humans and the dwarves. Also contains information northern elves and orcs. The gnome takes the wand and books. 1 bullseye lantern 1 mirror 1 pole 1 rope no sacks, 7 add’l patches mule with saddlebags, silver coffer 6×6×12 brick circle of gems worth 10 gp each, window 2ft x 4ft x 2ft and finally a portable ram. Also a red glowing crystal, definitely the same type of material – magisite – as the yellow orbs found earlier. A portrait of a fancy looking gnome is on the ship but is deemed worthless. The mountain lions attack but are all killed. The party then loots the lion’s den. An Aquan corpse reveals 1 GP and nothing else of value. The party returns to the propulsion system and pulls it out of the river, hiding it amongst the trees and return to the village. (1050 xp earned) This ends the session.

Character Summary and November 29th

D&D Notes

Playing with Baptiste, Lex, Selina and Ashley Matrix, with Zen DMing

Ashabrak Darmilleon (Baptiste) is a Neutral Good Half Elf Gunslinger. He owns a horse, 1 pistol and 1 musket. Ashabrak and his three hirelings (Level 1) are adventurers for hire, but business is slow, so they are currently farm hands doing odd jobs. One is named Bahq, a Quarterorc thief, Elgor, a robed and hooded half elf druid survivalist and Kaelbrak, a human fighter. The uncle, whose name is Clint, nicknamed Bear, is human.

Certain (Lex) is an Aquan Cleric/Monk (Adding Bard later.) He has a little sister named Alistrana who is a low level druid.

Soumgra Greyskarn (Selina) is a dwarf Hunter who has a cat companion named Kotral. The dwarves have charged her with keeping an eye on the human settlements and contacting Harrendak, the orc nation.

Marra (Ashley) is a halfling Rogue.

Xonan (Christoph) is a gnome mage who is suffering from both amnesia and a form of aphasia. He can understand most languages and indicates to the party that he knows what they are saying, but at the start of the adventure he cannot speak at all, and early on cannot freely speak beyond a few words in common. When he tries to speak, it sounds to everyone else as random sounds. Certain can understand Xonan but neither of them know why this is. At the start of the story, Certain acts as the “interpreter” for Xonan, but during the party’s stay at Fort Kent, the gnome awakens one morning and realizes that he can freely speak every language he knew before the incident. His memory, however, remains fractured.

November 29th

Story begins at AU (after union) 756 in early autumn, late afternoon. Both Ashabrak and Certain know each other at the start of the story through the former’s uncle Clint (nicknamed “Bear”,) who is a farmstead and generally liked by the Aquan race. Ashabrak is on his way to make a cattle delivery for his uncle to Kirrigallan (A River Aquan city on the southern edge of Durshire) when he notices something floating in the river. He chooses to investigate. It appears to be something shiny. Upon closer examination he sees that it is a body, with a log helping it stay afloat. It appears to be a tall gnome. He successfully makes it out to the body and swims with him back to shore. He puts him on the horse and continues towards the ferry. Nightfall is fast approaching. Certain is on ferry duty. Certain stabilizes the gnome but he’s still unconscious. Ashabrak releases himself from further responsibility to take care of the gnome but Certain chooses to take steps to get the gnome to his grandfather, an elder who can help, despite his concerns that the gnome could be potentially dangerous. From there, the other two will handle the business with the cow. The deal for the cow is already complete – the cow is to be traded for gems. The recipient is named Pukka, another elder of the city. The marshall has been in town for about a week. The marshall is from the capital city. Has a reputation for being arrogant and stern. Taken up residence in Fort Kent. Alistrana finds the gnome extremely attractive. She believes that the gnome is a jungle gnome. She casts a healing spell and revives the gnome. The party gets to their destination and secures the animal. Certain picks up the gnome as he’s still extremely weak. Attendee advises that there are no more requests for the day. Ashabrak explains what happened in the river today. (There is a dispute between human and Aquan over the ownership of the river.) The attendee takes Ashabrak back to Pukka’s office. The gnome tries to communicate. Certain understands what he is saying but Ashabrak and the others do not. Certain does not know how or why he can understand the gnome. Pukka arrives to complete the business with the cow and to take in the gnome to provide further healing. Ashabrak goes to dinner. There is a human sitting with the elders. The human seems to take an interest in Ashabrak, who tries to pretend he doesn’t notice but believes that he will meet (or be confronted by) the human. Pukka heals the gnome a little more and mentions that he heard rumors of an explosion. After this they go to dinner. Pukka announces the ambassador of the marshall who is the human Ashabrak noticed earlier. Pukka asks Ashabrak to speak to the human to parley after dinner, who reluctantly agrees. The human’s name is Bullen. Pukka mentions the river will likely be high so he suggests Ashabrak stay the night. Ashabrak also agrees to this. Pukka is somewhat confused by the concept of an inn, on account of the fact that their culture doesn’t find it odd to simply allow guests/travelers a roof over their head. Bullen mentions that the marshall will be reopening the mines. He mentions a “problem” with a poisonous gas that killed the miners. He offers Ash a job if he can create an antidote or in some other way make the mine operational again. The mine was closed at least 10 years ago due to the poison/contaminant that was killing the workers. Ash doesn’t commit but shows interest. Bullen also mentions that the real reason to get the mine operational is to get the community back up and running, and to tax them, as the humans feel that Kirrigallan is on their land. Ash makes a potion of cure light wounds which is consumed.

The next morning, Pukka joins the party. He states there may be a relevant prophecy in the scrolls, the Prophecy of Karr Rohan, but states the party must investigate the gnome’s origins. During the Autumn of Growing Discontent, a person falls from the sky so they must find out if he fell from the sky with a gem to guide him home, fate resting on the hands of the one who found him. The person will return to the sky and free the moon. Ash expresses doubt and reluctance to fulfill the prophecy. Pukka mentions the sky child speaks a magical language. Ash fills Pukka in on the conversation he had with Bullen, being completely open and candid about the humans’ intentions. Pukka returns to the topic of the prophecy who mentions some tests to confirm if the gnome is the Star Child. The first test is that of the arcane language, which is confirmed. The explosion occurred somewhere east of the city, so the party decides that most should head there to try to learn more, looking for evidence of the explosion. Ash and Certain attempt to explain to Pukka the ramifications of allowing the humans to have their way. Pukka responds that they should have the marshall come speak to the Aquans directly, with Ash again speaking on behalf of the Aquans in an attempt to reach a diplomatic solution that the Aquans can agree to. Ash sends word to his hirelings to go to the city to bring equipment there. Towards the end of the day the party reaches a river with a few wild animal encounters. Ash attempts to kill one for dinner but fails. The wounded animal runs. There appears to be some dirt in the river upstream, which is likely from someone washing themselves. Certain swims ahead to find out who/what is there and finds a gnoll, who appears to be cleaning a weapon after finishing the wounded animal off. Certain advises not to confront the gnoll and Ash agrees.

That night the gnome has dreams he doesn’t understand. Is typically falling. Sometimes is falling up, which creates an odd sensation. The night is completely uneventful. The group eats rations and continues on. Certain notices something is apparently following but the rest of the group doesn’t notice. The river is a lot shallower than it should be. The party attempts to approach the lion but it runs off. The party continues and notices something glinting in the distance. Upon closer examination it appears to be a boat. The boat is much bigger than the river and is badly damaged. It appears to have been picked up from another place and dropped there. There is also lingering magic. The boat appears to be made of wood and metal reinforcement which is badly damaged and twisted. The damage appears to be inner, pushing outwards. There is something glittering under the water. Ash grabs them, two small yellow orbs, glowing lightly. When the gnome sees them, a memory of dozens of these orbs appears in his mind, of many colors and many shining more brightly. He clearly sees a rainbow one, socketed into some type of device. Has a vague moment of fear, explosion happens, gnome screams. Lingering magic remains, which means that it was very strong, but anything else magical was destroyed. There is also small, partially burnt tome in the water that may be repairable. The ship appears to have been in its current location for the right amount of time for it to be related to the explosion. The gnome suddenly feels a word – “Nadir.” He does not know what it means. Certain replies that “Nadir” means “low point.” The lion attacks but is quickly defeated. Upon going inside, a nice superior dagger is found underneath the ship. Also some very intricate, incredibly advanced gears. The gnome remembers something about gears turning, but nothing significant. Ash wants to learn more about them. A differential gear is also found. The party rests. (400 XP gained) Session ends here.


2051 of GP
1750 Dust
350 Wand

4151 worth of GP and magical items

Party Items:

3375 Red Orb
1125 Yellow Orbs
Robe of Useful Items

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