August 21st - The Death of Ashabrak

August 21st

The group goes to a town to grab a wagon to buy, with the goal of concealing Ashabrak. Along the way the group runs into a small pack of wild animals but they give the group no mind. The group splits – one group escorting Ashabrak around the small town, the other going into town to buy a wagon and possibly one or a pair of horses. The former are surprised – the cat gets caught up in a net, set by goblins. Certain tries to get them to stop attacking but they don’t seem to want to let the cat go. The town they go into is called Arn’s Point. (Pop: ~250) They go into the stables to negotiate the sale of a wagon and some horses. The stablehand doesn’t have a wagon but goes to the traveller’s tavern and the two party members go to the local tavern. Xonan stays outside with the horse and casts Message on Mara, who goes inside to talk to the locals. The bartender is clearly unfriendly and offers to sell some ale but increases the cost a little. There is also a half elf wench. The rumors around town include a hanging at Fort Kent in two days time. They meet someone to offload a wagon which can be driven by one large creature. It is a burton wagon, which has a door in the front and back. A halfling type creature bumps into Xonan who introduces themselves as Gent. He says that he is also a spellcaster, he and his sister novice casters who learned under elves who have passed through in the area. He seems legitimate in his interest and the other townsfolk seem to know who he is. He offers to sell them a horse .They go to the blacksmith who sells them a masterwork mace. They then go to Gent’s house with the wagon who casts Sleep on them. Xonan counters by casting Sleep on Gent. The sister transforms into her true form, which is an Aranea. It gets onto the wagon but is knocked off by a Thunderwave. Gent says they want “the Perigean” which clicks in Xonan’s head – it makes him feel like he’s at home. They escape and rejoin the party who immediately mentions Xonan being a Perigean which Ashabrak reacts to. He refuses to say what it is in Xonan’s presence. He heard rumors during the war about a race of powerful mages which were behind the necromancer. He dismissed the rumors at the time but now says it all makes sense. He mentions the ship and that they disguise people to pit them against each other. Xonan dreams of hearing the word “Perigean” by others of his own race. The next day they pass through a hamlet but is otherwise uneventful. The next night, Xonan remembers more about his people. A large caravan passes by with salt. Then a few hours later, that evening a small caravan with silks approaches. The elves mention that the Red Ranger Society is looking for adventurers to clear out a set of ruins. He mentions that it seems odd that the ruins in question are extremely old. Xonan thinks they may be Perigean. Soumgra warns of the Aranea, and they give a ring with an Elven Sigil House (to be named) in gratitude for the warning. Xonan takes Certain aside and reveals some of what he remembers. The next day it is heavily raining. They also pass through a small human city but they do not stop. That night the rain stops. The group decides on what the full report Soumgra is to state. They will mention most of what was going on but leave out specific references to Xonan and the Perigeans. They will mention in the report the oppression in Fort Kent, the negotiation with the Aquans, the toll gate built up the river, the Araneas, the collapse of the mine, the slaves working there, the upcoming war that they’re blaming the orcs, they’re hiding from their own people an attack on the elves, the heavy militarization which led to kicking out blacksmiths that aren’t directly benefitting the Lord Marshall. The next day, it is heavily raining again. During the day, Blade catches up to the group from behind. The party prepares for a fight. Blade mentions that Lady Grey has eyes everywhere and Certain decides to attack Blade, who threatens Certain’s sister. During the fight, Xonan is blinded. The cat also dies during battle. Blade and the bard run off and Ashabrak is killed by the half orc. The party loots Ashabrak’s corpse, which gives them some supplies including Boots of Gusto and a mithral shirt. The cat is buried. A caravan carrying weapons and armor is heading towards the human settlement. They stop in at an elven hamlet which has a tavern, that mentions the Red Ranger Society. A supply post to the east was supposedly attacked by bandits, species unknown. They also hear about the Foremast Inn, which is a popular destination for travellers from the human kingdom. The elven king Ramuth Keng has not been seen in public in 8 months. Rumors abound that he is dead, crazy, etc. (1600 xp The session ends here.)



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